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Cryptocurrency news
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Waves blockchain platform: custom token issuance, peer-to-peer transfer and trading.
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Best channel about BTC prdecition
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Here you will find all the latest information on the direction of the currency market, give tips on when to buy and when to sell.
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Altcoin Sensei is a channel where admins post coins that will have the best potential to go high. There is also some occasional pumps, when members initiate vote to have them. Additionally there is a Telegram chat to talk coins and everything crypto rel
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Aggregated ICO score from trusted crypto people and companies. All opinions you need in one spreadsheet!
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We are your guide in a hostile crypto world: ⚡️analyst ⚡️insides ⚡️blockchain Hot as hell. Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin
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The channel about the blockchain, bitcoin, ICO.