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This channel will serve you daily programmer jokes. Feel free to laugh :)
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Memes with delivery to your chat list. No ads. Канал с лучшими аморальными мемами интернета.
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Funny pics that calls memes. Every day
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For comments and suggestions To share funny pics
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A constantly updated list of new things to do so you always spend your weekends well!
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Channel dedicated to minions quotes and memes. Have a good time reading minion quotes. Go crazy with Minions.
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Funny Image with Quote
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With heavy Government, TV, & Big Tech censorship, we hope to enable a more balanced perspective through current, uncensored content. The ultimate goal to initiate & expedite humanity’s awakening > highest conciousness. ~Peace & Love ❤️
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Welcome to text vine where you'll find incredibly funny memes. Lay back and enjoy cause your in for a treat.
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Hey guys If you like anime and art then you need to subscribe to my telegram channel. Here you will find anime art and you can also discuss your favorite anime in the comments.
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The best arts on your favourite anime)
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Memes for people who are in way too deep
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This is a shitposting channel, more or less. It's not intended for serious philosophical discussion.
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All that i found about Math: Memes, gifs, pics, curiosities, videos, scientific papers, sites, apps, etc. For education purposes.
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This is a channel about the famous Comic Dilbert created by Scott Adams
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Gifs and pics of very cute animals. Daily updates.
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We have so many negative things happening around us every day. This channel provides positive news and funny videos which give you few minutes of relaxation and positive mood. Let's smile!
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Fun and attractive movies