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I will show weather in your city! Set notifications in the bot for the desired time and bot will send you current weather forecast at the time specified. Bot can also send weather forecast to your groups/channels.
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files for pc games
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Official Plus Messenger channel
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Official channel for Telegram Android APKs. You can also download them here:
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Completely free paid Android applications. New content every day. Aplicaciones de Android de pago completamente gratuitas. Nuevo contenido todos los días.
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Download the best apps, games and software for free!
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Channel with news and tools for Pokemon Go
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The Creators : @Llenad @Schr0dinger
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Free Apps & Discounts for a Limited Time
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Best new games for iOS and Android. Лучшие новые игры для iOS и Android
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Best offers on the AppStore!
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New games release and key giveaways
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Best arts from Dota2 game.
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Telegram :airplane: chat :art: backgrounds. Personal use only.