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The official Telegram on Telegram. Much recursion. Very Telegram. Wow.
Обложка канала @TechGuide
Android, Windows, iOs, Computer related Tips, Tricks, Guide & News. For Suggestion & Support: »Contact: @whattechsays
Обложка канала @geekschannel
Join the Telegram Army!
Обложка канала @linuxgram
News and information from the Linux world
Обложка канала @theprogrammingart
A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers. :computer:
Обложка канала @desktop
The official Telegram Desktop channel, firsthand information from the developer.
Обложка канала @aiosetup
All In One, full version, pre-activated, key included software and games installer/setup.
Обложка канала @BotNews
The official source for news about the Telegram Bot API.
Обложка канала @ProgrammingTip
Fun & Useful Programming Tips 👾
Обложка канала @thedevs
Developers Community on Telegram.
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Collection of some cool writeups, videos, podcasts about information security.
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Web Devevelopment news feed
Обложка канала @globalkosreborn
Society where: Hacking Tips, ways to bypass internet for unlimited free net, Modded Application and softwares are shared...............
Обложка канала @gadget_news
Gadgets- from phones to drones and robots
Обложка канала @xkcdchannel
The latest xkcd comics. ( Unofficial channel.
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Useful links and news from FrontEnd development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, Mobile and etc.
Обложка канала @AndroidResId
The most important news and resources for Android developers.
Обложка канала @perspectiveix
• stuff you would wanna know about new media & technology •
Обложка канала @techfoe
Technology news, free internet tutorials, free internet tricks for any country in the world and the latest news on tunneling apps and VPN
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📝 Articles 🗞 News 👓Tutorials 🤔 UI/UX thoughts ‌
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Useful links, articles and tutorials for front end developers
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Top stories from (with 100+ score)
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Welcome to the Amazing PHP Channel!Here you can find a lot of interesting articles/news about PHP, frameworks, tools and development.
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Security news, exploits, vulnerabilities, leaks..